Agri-Food Consultancy

Agri-Food Consultancy

We have a wealth of experience in consultancy provision to agriculture and horticultural related processing, packing and marketing organisations. We also undertake research study work for a wide range clients including; regional development agencies, statutory and non statutory industry organisations, government agencies and leading private sector agri food businesses operating across the supply chain.

Our expertise focuses on:

Farm business advisory service
  • development of industry and governmental strategies
  • commercial agri food sector investment projects
  • strategic market development and research
  • supply chain analysis
  • feasibility and investment studies
  • benchmarking and reporting

A cross section of Robin Turney’s experience includes the following:

  • A feasibility study and business plan for a large soft and top fruit packer and processor in the South East
  • A business plan and viability study into a new salad processing operation in East Anglia
  • Food business mapping studies in the West Midlands and East Anglia for government agencies
  • Feasibility studies for a food hub in the West Midlands and in the South East
  • Several supply chain benchmarking studies for UK horticultural co-ops