Environmental Consultancy

Environmental Consultancy

e assist clients in the preparation and management of ELS applicationsWe have a broad experience across a number of environmental schemes and regulation impacting on the farming and business communities. These include;

Entry Level Scheme (ELS)

We assist clients in the preparation and management of ELS applications. The scheme requires a basic level of environmental management, and pays £30 per hectare, per year across the whole farm except for extensively grazed uplands. With over 50 options covering all farming types, the agreement lasts five years with automatic payments every six months. To the majority of landowners ELS is proving to be cost effective and in many cases, little or no land is being taken out of production. In cases where in-field options have to be considered, we are skilled at designing schemes to suit each particular farm business minimising disruption to current farming practices

Higher Level Scheme (HLS)

We assist clients in the preparation of Farm Environmental Plans (FEP’s) and application documents under the HLS. The HLS aims to deliver significant environmental benefits in high priority situations and areas. Usually combined with ELS or OELS options, HLS requires more complex environmental management advice and support. Wide-ranging management options are targeted to support key characteristics of the English countryside. Payments relate to the options and include capital items, such as field boundary restoration. Unlike ELS and OELS, entry into the scheme is discretionary. Assessment takes into account the environmental priorities identified in the local area. HLS agreements are for ten years, with six monthly payments.

Management plans for stewardship and compliance

We assist in the preparation of the following management plans on behalf of clients to ensure they meet the obligations under ELS; these include;

  • Soil Management Plan
  • Crop Protection Management Plan
  • Nutrient Management Plan
  • Manure Management Plan

All of these plans should be updated annually and, if carried out accurately, can help clients become more efficient in regard to farming inputs and resource management

England Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS)

We will help farmers and landowners prepare grant applications under the England Woodland Grant Scheme. Entry into the scheme is discretionary and assessment takes into account the priorities identified in the local area, which could be environmental and / or related to public access and / or related to urban communities.

Soil Protection Review (SPR)

We assist farmers in East Anglia, the Midlands and the South East on all aspects regarding the Soil Protection Review including the completion of the review and the annual update.

Complying with Agricultural Waste Regulations

Most farmers are aware that they had until 15 May 2007 to comply with the new Agricultural Waste Regulations and to register for any waste exemptions. These are free and can be attained by completing an exemption pack. As well as providing
advice, and completing exemptions forms we are helping direct clients to specialised licensed waste contractors.

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones

NVZ's form part of the Cross Compliance inspection process and all farmers must now keep accurate records of the nutrients applied to their crops. As well as providing advice on RB209 and correct application of manures. We are on hand to advise clients on the regulations regarding the storage and spreading of organic and inorganic fertilisers.

Water Audits and Water Efficiency Advice

We are experienced in the preparation and delivery of water audits and water efficiency advice for the horticultural and agricultural sector. For more information on our water auditing and water efficiency services please visit our dedicated website on www.water-efficiency.co.uk